Posted by: Wendy | January 16, 2009


I was planning to tell you about Thomas pissing me off yesterday.  I was mad all day, even hours after he apologized.  I was mad all the way until after he got home from work last night.  But we talked and now it’s been 26 hours since it first happened and I’m over it.

So I’m going to cheat and just post some photos for you.  Heh.  I know some of you are new to my blog (that could be because I just started this one.  Duh.) so here’s your chance to get to know my family a little.

I’m going to finish tweeking this site, and Can We Talk, in the time I’m saving by not giving you a real post.  The main thing I need to do is the blogroll on both, and adding in my Flickr thingie.  One problem, though, is I don’t remember how I did it on my old blog.  So if you know the old blog and know how the hell I did it, could you let me know?  Thanks.  Also, let me know if you want on my blogroll!  Seriously!

Okay.  Enjoy the photos!

Tripp hanging out in his chair, gnawing on his favorite rubber snake

Tripp hanging out in his chair, gnawing on his favorite rubber snake



  1. Obviously I’m still figuring WordPress out. I wanted all the photos to be big. I also somehow added the one of Tripp in twice. Ugh. Sorry. 🙂

  2. I had a family blog on WordPress and it got all wonky for me so I gave it up. So I’m no help here.

    Thanks for putting me on your Blog Roll!

    Great photos too. I like the practicing to be a plumber. My oldest daughter has that problem a lot.

  3. it is really good material!!! thank you for this!

  4. Holy crap woman you’ve been busy gonna have to catch up on your Really really cute pics!

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