Posted by: Wendy | January 17, 2009

Omens and Portents

It’s going to be a great day. 

I stayed up late last night watching a movie with Thomas even though I was tired and knew I needed to go to bed.  But I didn’t go until sometime after 2:00 this morning.  So when Tripp started fussing at 6:45 this morning, I had a hard time with it.  He fussed and fussed and I couldn’t find his pacifier anywhere.  Sometimes feeling around with your eyes closed is not the best method.  I finally found it, but by then he was really pissed and wasn’t satisfied with it.  So I mumbled something to Thomas about having to “go make him a bottle or something,” and stumbled out of the bedroom.

I only have one nipple left for his bottle and I spent several minutes weaving drunkenly through the house trying to find the bottle.  I could hear Tripp freaking out in the bedroom, and was beginning to panic a little when I remembered it was in the dishwasher.

I forced the dishwasher door open (the latch is broken and I have to use both hands and all my strength to press it in enough to open it) and grabbed the nipple and the top of the bottle from the silverware holder on the bottom.  I slammed the rack back in and yanked out the top rack to get the Drop-In holder part of the bottle.  Of course, I forgot that the dishwasher isn’t attached to the counter properly, so it tilted forward and the open door squished my toes.  Muttering a few bad words, I pushed it back in place, slid the top rack back in, and shut the door.

I turned on the water to get it hot while I counted four scoops of formula into the bottle.  On the last scoop, I noticed I had spilled a little of the powder on the counter top.  I wondered why it is that I can’t make a bottle without spilling some.  It happens every single time!  You would think I’d have this figured out by now, since this is my third baby.

I dropped the scoop back into the can, snapped the lid on, and actually remembered to put it back in the cabinet.  With my eyes still half closed, I snatched up the bottle and put it in the flow of water from the tap.  Something was not right.  The bottle wasn’t filling the way it normally does.  I blinked to clear my eyes, and quickly figured out the problem.  I had forgotten to put the Drop-In plastic sleeve into the bottle.

And on my pretty, dark gray granite (laminate) counter sat a pile of pale, yellowish powdered formula.

Yep.  It’s going to be a great day.



  1. If it makes you feel any better, I totally did that, too. Only I didn’t notice until I poured water from a jug into it. *sigh*

  2. I think that is when I would have just gone outside and started shouting profanities.

  3. Did that maybe two weeks ago. I made the bottle, handed it off to dad, and went back to bed. Some days are just better when started later.

  4. just wanted to let you know I just added alink to you on jodifur!

  5. Sorry to hear that you had a bad evening. Found your post through a google search on appliances – just wanted to let you know that fixing that dishwasher latch could be pretty easy. Give us a shout if you’d like some help finding the part you need.

  6. awe.. that day pretty much sucked for me too. glad it’s over!

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