Can We Talk?

Do you have something on your mind? Find out how to submit an anonymous post on Can We Talk?  It’s easy!


January 15, 2009 New “Can We Talk?” post!  A single mom of 2 struggles between making a career move or keeping her kids closer to their father.  You’ve got to read this one!  Click here to go to the post and leave your comments there.

January 10, 2009  New “Can We Talk?” post!  This Stepmom is having issues with paying adult child support.  What do you think? Click here to go to the post and comment there.



I’m waiting on the first person to post… Still waiting… St-

Ok.  I’ll shut up. 

If you want to post or have any questions, just email me at ImFusspot[at]gmail[dot]com.  All you have to do to post is write it and email it to me.  Let me know if you want to use your name or be anonymous.



  1. Hooray!!! Insurance company from the kid who hit my husband (car accident) FINALLY accepts liability. The adjuster for the “other side” finally got a statement from our witness and now the wheels are turning so we can get a check for the truck that was totalled. Yay! Its been 3 weeks and I was getting very frustrated. Unfortunately we had to cut back on the type of car insurance (since it was a 1996) for his truck so we didn’t have collision or rental. You can be sure that on the vehicle that we get I will be adding that on and never taking it off.

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